COURSE: PHP for Beginners

Start your PHP Journey from here.

  • PHP Introduction
    Introduction to PHP: Start learning PHP step by step here.
  • PHP Installation
    Know all about PHP instalation. Where to download PHP? Install PHP in easy way. Test your installation. Locate your PHP files, Secure your server.
  • PHP Basic Syntax
    Get familiar with the PHP basic syntax, the set of basic rules that define the combinations of symbols that are considered to be correctly structured programs.
  • PHP Variables
    Variable is a memorable name of computer memory cell(s) that can hold a value during the execution of the program and the value may change.
  • PHP Data Type
    In programming, data type is the name of a group of data that has a predefined common set of characteristics.
  • PHP Constants
    If a variable is meant to be contain a value that may change, then, a constant is meant to be contain a value that never change.

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PHP Built-in Functions

Improve your code efficiency, and enhance productivity

PHP chmod() Function

To change permission of a file or directory, use chmod() function. With this function, you can set who can access a file and what they can do with this file.

PHP mkdir() Function

To create a new directory, use mkdir() function. The function creates the directory in the path that you specify in the parameter. Click to learn more.

PHP sleep() Function

To make the script delay for few seconds, use PHP sleep() function. The sleep() function delays the execution of your code for a specified number of seconds.

PHP rtrim() Function

To remove characters and whitespaces from right side of a string, use rtrim() function. “rtrim” is short for “Right Trim”. Click to learn more.

PHP preg_match() Function

To know whether a string consists of a sub string that matches with a regular expression pattern or to know the sub string’s position, use preg_match function.

PHP chdir() Function

The chdir() function changes current directory to a different one. By default, the current directory is where your current script exists. Check to Learn more.

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PHP How-to

Learn different PHP problems and their solutions-

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COURSE: HTML for Beginners

Start Learning HTML from here

  • HTML Introduction
    What is HTML? HTML is the language of the web. HTML is abbreviation for HyperText Markup Language. Let’s see what does it mean- HyperText – When you browse a web… Read more: HTML Introduction
  • HTML History
    1991 – To write web documents, Sir Tim Berners-Lee proposed 20 elements in his document titled HTML Tags. 1993 – The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) had published a proposal… Read more: HTML History
  • HTML Editors
    An HTML page is a plain text file. So, to write HTML, you can use any plain text editor. You can use visual editors too.
  • HTML Elements
    Headlines, paragraphs, images, links etc that you see in any web page in the browser are all web page elements. See the different web page elements in the following picture-
  • HTML Tags
    What are HTML Tags? HTML uses tags (also called markup) is used to structure the page and let the browser know the meaning of the content it surrounds. HTML tags… Read more: HTML Tags
  • HTML Attributes
    Elements in HTML define the structure of the web page and attributes specify additional information about an HTML element and modify its default behavior. Attributes appear within the opening tag… Read more: HTML Attributes

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HTML How-to

Learn different HTML problems and their solutions-

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COURSE: CSS for the Beginners

Start your CSS Journey from here.

  • CSS Introduction
    Learn the basic information of CSS and start learning it from here.
  • CSS History
    Know the history of CSS and its levels.
  • CSS Syntax
    Learn how to write CSS style rules with best practice.
  • Adding CSS to HTML
    Learn different methods of how to add CSS to HTML with best practices.
  • CSS Comments
    Learn how to write CSS comments and their best practices.
  • CSS Selectors
    Learn about CSS selectors, one of the most important concepts in CSS.

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CSS How-to

Learn different CSS problems and their solutions-

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