HTML Iframes

An iframe (short for inline frame) is a small frame/window inside a webpage that displays a webpage of your site or from another website. You can consider an iframe a browser inside another browser. The content inside the iframe and the webpage that contains the iframe are not affected by each other. Changing anything on each window don’t affect the other. Continue reading HTML Iframes

HTML Document Outline

What is HTML document outline?

HTML document outline is a hierarchy of headings (h1-h6) inside a webpage which describes the structure of that page. Each heading creates a level in the outline. A heading represents a section of a webpage and leads the texts that follow it. The HTML document outline begins with the highest ranking of heading and it goes downward and it may include sub headings. Continue reading HTML Document Outline

HTML Headings

Every type of document we see has headings which divide the document into sections and subsections. For example, in a newspaper story, there are a heading and few subheadings. A web page is no different. It is the HTML headings that divide a web page into sections and subsections. The content inside the heading briefly describes about the section next to it. Continue reading HTML Headings