Schools of Web

Hi, I’m Neil Fin, an over-enthusiastic web professional. I love those beautiful websites and the technologies behind. It amazes me all the time how they are created, developed and drives me to learn, implement them. Yes, I’m a web developer and I’ve experience in web designing also. Though I’ve come from computer science background, yet I can’t erase the student title from my identity. I’m a never-ending student of “Schools of Web“. Other than above two areas, I also have deep interest in other parts of web (e.g. web copyrighting) that directly interact with web users and make them do something.

As the ever-changing nature of web, professionals have to learn latest techs to keep them up-to-date. As most of the time one source is not enough to fulfill the need, we need to look up various sources e.g. books, websites, peers, real life projects etc to acquire the knowledge. This learning path is not smooth all the time. Experienced guys know how time consuming it might be, even a single problem could take hours, days to resolve it. I experience this all the time. This drives me to think how it would be if I explain the things that I know in simple language so that novice and others can learn easily without wasting time. This is how the idea of this site came to my mind.

Not being a professional teacher, I have some experience in teaching in real life and I have got compliment from my students on explaining things in easily. It’s a great inspiration for me and whenever I get a chance to teach, I don’t miss. This motivates me to start this website to help those struggling and novice developers and designers to share my experience. I’ll also include other things that I’ll think helpful for my readers.

As a reader of this website, you’re welcome to post comments about the site-what you want from this website, your expectation etc. I’m merely a human being. So, if you find any error in this website, please let me know. I’ll try to fix that as soon possible. You can also email or use contact us page to send your valuable suggestions.