How to Count Occurrence of an Array Element in PHP?


You have an array (see the following array) which has some repeating elements. You want to count the number of occurrence of a specific element(for ex. Mark).

$friends = array("Mark", "Caroline", "Douglas", "Brian", "Mark", "John", "John");


To find the number of occurrence of an array element, follow the steps below-

Step 1: Use array_count_values() function to count number of occurrence of all elements.

If you use the above array as parameter in the array_count_values() function, it will return an associative array whose keys are the values of the above array and values are the number of occurrence of each element of the above array.

Step 2: Output the number of occurrence using array[‘key’]

To show the number of occurrence of an element(ex. Mark), use Mark as key in the associative array that we got in the step 1.

See the complete example below-

$friends = array("Mark", "Caroline", "Douglas", "Brian", "Mark", "John");
$friends_count = array_count_values($friends);
echo $friends_count["Mark"];

[wpdm_file id=107]

Mark occurs 2 times

How it works:
array_count_values() function returns an associative array with the number of occurrence of each element. If you print the $friends_count, you’ll see the following-

    [Mark] => 2   
    [Caroline] => 1   
    [Douglas] => 1   
    [Brian] => 1   
    [John] => 1

The above array outputs occurrence of each element. To display the occurrence number of Mark, we used $friends_count[“Mark”] in the code above.