PHP Constants

What is a constant?

Constant is a name for a value and the name is used to access the value later in the script. If you have a value in your program that will not be changed during the script, then you can define it as constant. For example, the name of your site. Once defined, the value can’t be changed later or undefined. You can only change the constant where you it is defined.
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PHP Data Type

When you write your name, you use alphabetic characters not numbers. In the same way, when you write your age you use number, not alphabetic characters. So, to represent different information you use different types of data.

Haw many data types PHP has?

As a language, PHP use some types of data. In general, the data that PHP use can be classified into 8 basic types. These are boolean, integer, float, string, array, object, resource, and NULL.

These 8 primitive types of data are categorized into 3 types
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PHP Variables

Concept of Variable

Sometimes in your program, you need to store data. During the execution of the program, computer processor stores those data in its memory cells before using those. If you use 100 different data in your program, then processor allocates 100 or more memory cells to store those data. Every memory cell has a number. In your program, you may need to use same data many times, therefore, to use a data for the next time in the program, you need to know the address of memory cell(s) where it is stored. But when you work with lots of data, it is not easy to remember those cell numbers. And, with the increase of data, it becomes harder or about impossible. To remember those cell numbers easily, programmers give each cell an easy name. This name is called variable. For example, if your age is 25 and it is stored in memory cell number 6927, is it not easy to remember the variable “age” instead of 6927 to refer the 25? You don’t need to know where 25 is stored in memory; variable is used to reference that location number.
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PHP Basic Syntax

When a user visits a PHP page (that ends with .php extension), the browser requests the page to the web server. The web server forwards the request to the PHP interpreter. PHP interpreter understands PHP syntax. It reads the file, and processes it to generate HTML document. Here you’ll learn the basic syntax used in PHP.

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PHP Introduction

Why you’ll learn PHP?

  1. HTML based site is static and lifeless
    Basic HTML pages are simple static pages that only display fixed information with no customization facility. Those are not responsive to user’s action.
  2. PHP brings websites to life
    Using PHP, you can add dynamic behavior, interaction between users and website that you see in websites around. Example of dynamic behaviors could be –
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100 Best Websites to Learn Web Development and Web Designing

If you search internet, you’ll get countless websites that teaching web developments and web designing. Maximum websites don’t contain enough helpful information, some have outdated content, some have wrong information. So, I’ve decided to collect only the best websites.

I’ve set a target to add 100 best web development and web designing websites in the following list. I already have added some websites in the list that I know are great. I hope it will be beneficial for the reader of this site. I’ll update this list regularly when an great website is found.

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How to Become a Web Developer From Scratch

At first let’s have a basic understanding of how web works. When a user request a website in the browser, the browser looks for the computer/machine where the files are hosted and then brings the information to the requested computer/device. Here, the browser that performs the request is called client and the machine that is designed to accept client’s request and responds accordingly is called server.

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